Stackers City

In the year 2050; the Stackers City is isolated from the rest of the world.

WL Minting
45 STX
Public Mint
Now Minting
55 STX
• Soon •
$MIA and $BANANA prices coming soon
The Story

A lot is happening inside the city; it's disconnected and scarcity hits the city hard. There is a fight for the fewer resources available. The Stackers City coin, $STC, is the only thing that is getting the city going.

They can’t be connected to the outside world.

00 //

The City

Stackers City – 7 independent blocks.

All blocks have residences. Free NFT giveaway will be done for every Stackers City NFT holder. Residences act as a safe house for everyone to keep or hide their NFTs.
01 // The Community


  • They hunt for the resources available.
  • They stake or hide their resources.
  • Each person is to own a place (a house).
  • Each individual pays a fee to the plot owner for staking.
02 // The Threat

Robbers & Thugs

  • All they do is destroy. They steal from ordinary people.
  • Steal, thieve, kidnap. A world that’s yours for the taking.
  • Robbers will have ranks and groups.
  • Each group does raids at its own time and shares rewards different from another group.
  • They have a 10% chance of getting whatever the ordinary person is withdrawing from stacking.
  • The most vicious group in the city – They steal $STC and raid homes to make them their safe houses. You can breed them to expand your gang.
03 // The Justice

Police Force

  • They protect the civilians from the thugs.
  • They get paid 20% by the civilians for protection.
  • Cops will be ranked and they will be paid as per rank.
  • They raid thugs once in a while.